Water in Paris Part 7: Speak Easy

Water in Paris Part 7: Speak Easy

Concluding our series of articles on water in Paris here is a Speak Easy of idiomatic expressions using water. Match the English word or expression with the French.

Water in Paris Speak Easy

Speak-EasyDid you know that there are three volumes of Speak Easy Puzzles in books? They are available at the FUSAC office or via our online store or in the FUSAC Book Room. Great for learning idiomatic expressions in French and English.

“La Seine a de la chance

Elle n’a pas de souci

Elle se la coule douce

Le jour comme la nuit.”

“Chanson de la Seine”, Poème de Jacques Prévert 1951

(Se la couler douce = to chill, la dolce vita, to have no worries)

This article is the last in a seven part series on Water in Paris.

Water in Paris Speak Easy

17th-century Paris water pipe

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