Water in Paris – part 8: 2016 flood

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never was a more appropriate term. Here are a few photos from past years juxatposed with photos from the last few days of the Paris flood 2016. Feel free to send us your own photos, expecially if you have some from outside Paris. submissions@fusac.org

Paris flood 2016

Paris flood 2016

Pont Mirabeau’s statues that represent navigation on the river are really navigating it right now. Read more about the bridge here.

Paris flood 2016

Or maybe just trying to climb to safety. Does anyone know what the pompiers were up to here on Friday afternoon? We couldn’t figure it out.

Paris flood 2016

How can a piece of a bridge look so big one day and so small the next? The photos give perspective.

Paris flood 2016

Read more about what a Zouave is and why this particular statue is famous in Paris here.

Paris Flood 2016

(photo on left by Bagrat Tunyan)

This article is part of a  series on Water in Paris. Past installments were.

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  1. Shari Leslie Segall dit :

    Good (but tragic, in some people’s case) addition to your series on water.

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