The Sky’s the limit (Plus haut que le ciel)

The Eiffel Tower’s story in a play!

Plus haut que le ciel
Photo: (c) Bernard Richebé

Paris, 1884. Gustave Eiffel is bored. He may be one of the greatest engineers of his time, but his creative impulses are running out of steam. The up and coming and brilliant Adolphe Salles joins the company. Mr. Salles has a simple plan for the Eiffel company: less risk-taking and more profitability. He therefore refuses the delusional and costly project brought to him by Nouguier and Koechlin, two passionate engineers who want to build the tallest monument in the world. But Claire Eiffel, one of Eiffel’s five children, dreams of seeing her father take on new great architectural adventures. She believes this strange looking tower, this so-called “idea of ​​the century”, is precisely the opportunity to re-prove his skills and in the process get out of a planned marriage to Salles. But this extraordinary tower has its own will! The site quickly becomes an uncontrollable whirlwind of confrontations, passions, controversies and deceptions. Because, once finished, who will own this gigantic tower?

The Théâtre Fontaine is proud to welcome English speakers!

While the play Plus Haut que le Ciel is performed in French the Théâtre Fontaine has partnered with Theatre in Paris to offer performances with English subtitles. Throughout the show English subtitles are projected onto a screen placed directly above the stage, following along with the dialogue in real time. Audience members who reserve “English” seats are placed in specially-selected seats to ensure comfortably visibility of both the subtitles and the action on stage.

Plus haut que le ciel
Look the Eiffel Tower is growing! Photo: (c) Bernard Richebé

Tickets start at 10€. The theater in Paris 9th is handicapped accessible. Reservations: https://www.theatrefontaine.com/spectacles/plus-haut-que-le-ciel if you want the English subtitles be sure to follow the links for English speaker reservations. The play runs through 23 February 2020.

Plus haut que le ciel
Photo: (c) Bernard Richebé
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