Paris Talks – A Conference On The Future Of Humanity, free tickets with FUSAC

Paris Talks – 26 March 2018

A Conference On The Future Of Humanity

For many centuries, there have been debates and discussions of what the future really looks like. Everyone is excited to know what it holds and whether or not this will be our planet’s final century. People cannot help but to wonder what the next century is going to be like.

To put an end to all these burning questions related to science, art, technology and many other fields, Paris Talks will hit the stage in March 2018.


  • 1 Full-Day Conference entirely in English
  • 15 + Influential Keynote Speakers & Entertainers
  • The Future of Seven Sectors will be discussed (Technology, Art/Design, Finance/Economy, Environment, Humanities, Education, Science)
  • 900 + Futurists expected
  • 40 + nationalities expected (talk about collective brain power)
  • Plenty of networking and connection-building opportunities
  • Coffee Breaks & Cocktails

There are free tickets available for FUSAC readers, before 21 March. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/paris-talks-conference

If the free tickets are sold out, purchase yours here, https://paris-talks.com, in any case don’t miss this event!

Paris TalksIt’s basically a conference carried out in the form of powerful, inspiring and short talks of 15 minutes or less together with networking and entertainment opportunities. This one-day conference hopes to gather artists, decision-makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, environmentalists, economists, futurists, visionaries and all curious persons out there.

During the conference, delegates will hear and learn about disruptive and provocative insights and promising new approaches and ideas on how to address the toughest existing and future challenges of the world.

This project is for every curious mind out there that’s concerned about the different issues around the world. For those who are looking for answers or want to share some fantastic ideas in an objective of raising awareness and proposing solutions to the world’s problems, Paris Talks is the platform they have been waiting for.

Paris Talks is an Expats Paris project devoted to ideas about the Future of Humanity.


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