Paris – New York Heritage Festival

Paris – New York Heritage Festival

BL MUSIC presents the 4th annual addition of its touring festival :
Paris – New York Heritage Festival
5 cities in 4 countries on 3 continents
More than 15,000 festival-goers/ 100 artists gathered in 3 years to…

History repeats and perpetuates itself, like the black American slaves who, forfeited their own name, were named as their master. Similarly, in history, music has been named by its style (jazz, funk, blues, gospel, hiphop…) rather than by its original name. We want the PNYH, to tell these stories in their continuity, through their heritage. Every year for the past 4 years, the festival has been organized around an original theme related to these cultures. The first editions highlighted the great richness of African American culture (its interactions with Africa, the United States, and Europe), its influences, its evolution, and its origins. It is intimately connected to community, social and political struggles.

… IN 2019
The theme “Activism through culture” adresses the decisive role of music as a universal tool for transmission and advocacy in the history of these struggles. Often, some aspects of history remain unknown to the general public. It seemed interesting to us, to return to the source by making a last stopover in Africa and once again explore the porosity between all communities (African, American Indian, Latin…) through their interactions and influences, during a festival.

The festival will stop in Johannesburg from June 7 to 9, in Paris from June 12 to 16, then in New York from June 20 to 23, in Montreal on June 25 and 25 and finally in Vancouver on June 29.

PNYH is an initiatory, historical and contemporary journey to the heart of African and African-American art. Paris and New York are obviously world hubs and epicenters, privileged witnesses to the history of these cultures where Africa is the source.
The festival celebrates the major arts of the 20th and 21st centuries. It pays tribute to those past, present, and future artists who, through their history, have influenced the world’s current cultural heritage.

The Paris New York Heritage Festival is a truly dynamic cultural platform that brings together artists – national and international – on joint projects, mixing generations and styles to highlight the evolution of music and culture.

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