Learn French! Speak Easy puzzle: Grin and bear it!

Speak Easy puzzle: Grin and bear it!

Learn French!

Enjoy this Speak Easy puzzle of expressions in English with the words BEAR in them. The word Bear refers not to just the animal, it is also a verb meaning to carry a weight (to bear, past tense bore). Then there is the homonym bare an adjective or verb for being naked. See if you can match the English expressions up with their French equivalent. It’s a fun way to learn some new idiomatic expressions to enrich your vocabulary.

This Speak Easy puzzle comes from volume 1 of a series of three books of 48 puzzles available on the FUSAC website. https://store.fusac.fr

Hear the story of how John and Lisa encountered a grizzly bear in Yellowstone Park.

Learn French

Bonus Vocabulary

  • Grizzly is a large North American species of bear also known as a silvertip bear. French = Grizzli
  • Grisly means disgusting and bloody, absolutely repulsive and horrible. French = Macabre, épouvantable.
  • Gristly means rubbery or full of cartilage. French = cartilagineux.
  • Grizzled means silvery and is frequently used to describe a man’s hair. French =  grisonant
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