How to meet people in Paris ?

How to meet people in Paris ?

Now that I am in Paris how do I meet people? is a question that is frequently asked. There are many possibilities according to your particular interest.Here  is a list of ideas so you can start meeting lovely people in Paris! Please do not hesitate to share some new tips with us!

How to meet people in Paris
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Paris Greeters are volunteers who warmly receive visitors from around the world. They propose walks free of charge in Paris. It is the occasion to see Paris from the point of view of the locals, to discover neighbourhoods that visitors would not have imagined or dared to visit. Greeters associations are also active in Boulogne-Billancourt and many other area cities, not to mention around the world.

  • Participate or visit Le 3ème Café. This café run by an association proposes lunch and snacks at moderate prices and also activities such as a knitting circle, cooking classes, chef dinners, CV and writing workshops with a goal to create community cohesion in the 3rd arrondissement. Some activities are even in English. In November 2016 they cooked and ate a Thanksgiving dinner together.

-Take a drawing class. Claude Pollack offers bilingual drawing classes in museums, parks and her studio.

-Learn about wine at Le Cordon Bleu. Tastings taking place once a week from 7 to 9pm!


Paris Poetry Circle. English poetry reading group meets Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, around biscuits and tea to read and discuss poems. Free.

-Jazz evenings at the Cercle Suédois

-Social clubs such as AAWE, American Women’s Group, British and Commonwealth Women’s Association, Republicans or Democrats Abroad, University alumni groups – see a longer list on The American Clubs

American Library in Paris offers discussions, groups, workshops and more for the public and members, adults and children.

How to meet people in Paris

-Conversation groups such as

  • Let Them Talk – French Conversation group and English conversation Workshop
  • Saturday afternoons English conversation practice with tea and cakes
  • Parler Paris Après Midi. Adrian Leeds organizes a speaker and discussion in English every Tuesday afternoon  or weekly French-English conversation groups, first visit is free.
  • Franglish – It is a language exchange event for Native French and English speakers. You have 7 minutes in French with someone and then 7 minutes in English. Then you switch table and meet a new partner! Cost : 12 euros with 1 drink
  • Polyglot club – It offers a way to improve your language skills AND meet new people! They have over 30.000 members in Paris and have many events such picnics every Sunday or English conversations every Wednesday!

-Volunteer, Volunteering can bring you right into the fabric of French society as they take the Fraternité part of their national motto to heart. A few suggestions include serving meals and other tasks at Restos du Coeur. Oxfam needs people in their bookshops, for admin tasks and for events. If you love animals contact Société Protectrice des Animaux. Learn more about volunteering in Paris at the “Café Bénévole” events which take place in the fall of each year or visit the Maison des Associations in your arrondissement or watch for the “Journée des associations” of your town, generally organized on the first or second Saturday of September.  Or in English become a listener at the English speaking SOS Help crisis line

-Faith: English churches and synagogues in Paris  have lots of community groups and choirs for people of all ages. You’ll be surprised how international the people are who come together to worship in English.

-Sing: Join John Meldrum and the Highlites choir. Mixed styles of music, English lyrics.

-Knitting: l’Oisive Thé et Tricot. They have a weekly Wednesday knitting group in English as do many other knitting shops – if you speak French.

-Walk a dog! Other dog owners love to talk about their dogs and yours.

-Acting : Bilingual Acting Workshop –  film and theatre acting classes specializing in American acting techniques for all ages taught right in the heart of Paris!

-Groups on Facebook – You can ask to become a member and then you can read what people post. They often organise social events with lots of different people – expats or people willing to improve their English / French! Try “American expats in Paris”, “Franco American events in Paris”, “British expats in Paris group”, “Aussie Expats in Paris meetup group” or “Internationals”. 

How to meet people in Paris

-Meetup.com – The concept is neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something… All you have to do is create your account and then join the groups you like! For music lovers, check out “Paris live music addicts club”. If you want to go to a gig but have no one to go with then it’s the right group for you! 

-Students :

Check what the association Parismus organises on or also check Erasmus parties going on in Paris. They are for foreign students who study in Paris and want to have fun!

The Buddy Exchange is a programme that pairs up an international student with a French student or young professional. It seeks to: Promote an intercultural exchange; Support/Care for international students in Paris; Build international friendships. The buddies are encouraged to meet up twice a semester (minimum). Sign-up by following this link: https://goo.gl/forms/g2D52rDOl07cecDC2. Any questions? Contact us at iconnect@gbu.fr

Sports, check at the Mairie for les associations sportives and read our Hints article for more sporting ideas

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5 Responses to "How to meet people in Paris ?"

  1. Tom Crocker dit :

    Hello Caroline –

    We’ve read ‘How do I meet people in Paris?’ and seen you include a variety of English speaking activities. We are dual citizens French/ USA and have recently re-located to Paris from Los Angeles. Former dancers with the Bejart company, we’ve started http://www.joyinparis.com – dedicated to cross-cultural communication through movement (Joy Dance Workout) and acting (Joy Theater Games). Our classes, open to all levels, are a joyous addition to the bilingual scene in Paris and are aligned with your mission in ‘How do I meet people in Paris?’ We hope that you might share the info in your column.

    Thank you, Caroline!

    Jackie Tom

  2. Julia dit :

    Hello! I met a lot of people from all over the world and parisians as well on tripmeeters. I didn’t know these events but it was very good and very friendly. People help you to practice your languages. http://www.tripmeeters.com

  3. Hi everybody,

    We organise an english night every wednesday at the “Soum-soum” with singers and humorists, you can meet a lot of english people or english people there. It’s very nice
    You should definitely come 😉

  4. Carla dit :

    You can also meet people at work.
    It may be the easiest way to have relationships with french people.
    During the day and also at the end of the day, through afterwork, this is another way to meet people in France.
    Here is a free meetup to help you find a job in Paris :

    And here is a job site for international people in France :

  5. Ness dit :


    Interesting tips that have actually helped me when I arrived to Paris 2 years ago.

    Since then, I have met other people that have traveled and have also met this situation where we have to look for tips to meet people locally which got us to launch a social project to help people (newcomers and locals) not only meet and go out in Paris but also be part of a sharing community. Anyone can paticipate or suggest an outing (grab a coffee, do sports, try a foreign restaurant, practice languages, explore the city…)
    You can check it out: http://www.comeety.net

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