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heartLa présentation des annonces sur FUSAC évolue. C’est nouveau, c’est tout beau! FUSAC NEWS
Passez quelques minutes à découvrir les nouveautés:

  • Des photos dans chaque annonce – \°/ Vouiiiiiiiiiii
  • Un plan de localisation pour chaque annonce – on aime!
  • Des nouvelles sous-catégories – génial!
  • Des liens cliquables – c’est top!
  • Pour les rubriques: Learning, Services, Health… une durée d’affichage plus longue et une baisse de prix – à vous le pompon!
  • Pas d’augmenation de prix avec la nouvelle TVA – on prend!

Nous esperons que ces nouveautés vous plairont; vous pouvez nous laisser un commentaire ci-dessous pour nous dire ce que vous en pensez. Allez-voir

The ad pages of FUSAC have a new look!
It’s new and exciting!
Here’s a short description of what has changed, but better yet look for yourself… ads.fusac.fr

  • Photos in all the ads – yes!
  • A map for each ad – you’ll like it!
  • New sub-categories – it’s not bad !
  • Clickable links and email – oh yeah!
  • Lower prices and longer posting times for Learning, Services, Health… ads – your advantage !
  • No price increase despite the TVA now at 20% – all the better !

We hope these wonderful features are music to your ears! Tell us what you think by posting a comment.

To quote Dag Hammarskjöld : For all that has been — Thanks ! To all that shall be  — Yes !

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8 Responses to "FUSAC news"

  1. Shari Leslie Segall dit :

    Super! Excellent! Bravissimi! I especially like the way you separate teaching jobs from those in other categories–but absolutely everything is super!! Bravissimi again!

  2. fc dit :

    I miss being able to see the ads’ dates and full descriptions at first glance.

    • Lisa from FUSAC dit :

      Thanks for your comments. The ad’s date is on the listings page – you can see it without clicking to read the full ad. It is true that you now have to open each ad to read the entire text, but now you have added visuals and maps too, so more information at your fingertips.

  3. Cath dit :

    I am not able to see the ads. I just get a list of categories on a white page ??? Thanks for your help

    • Lisa from FUSAC dit :

      You probably need to empty the cache on your computer which contains memorized pages that no longer exist from your previous visits. Please visit Wikihow to learn abot emptying your cache . http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache

      • Gena dit :

        Change Browser, use Firefox instead of Chrome. Not sure why, but I have the same problem with Chrome.

        • Lisa from FUSAC dit :

          A few people are having problems seeing FUSAC with Chrome. It is not Chrome itself, but the add-on software called Ad Block that is causing a white screen with just some headings to show. FUSAC is a site of ads, so if you are using Ad Block there will be a problem. You can disable Ad Block for just FUSAC and it should work. Be sure to refresh the screen (F5) after doing so tho for the change to take effect.

  4. guyon dit :

    Merci d’avoir fait dans la simplicité! longue vie au Fusac! mon compagnon de route!

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