Click and Collect at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Click and Collect at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Follow the links below to view a pdf file of the current inventory of Bill and Rosa’s Book Room. More than 3200 titles!

Available for Click and Collect pick up or delivery. Just email with your selection, we’ll send you a link for payment via CB (or take check or cash when you get the books) and arrange for Click and Collect pick up or delivery. For delivery the minimum is 6 books and 7km (please tell us your postal code).

Click and Collect

Anyone who orders 5+ books will receive a free copy of Elaine Sciolino’s La Séduction (A book about France and the French and how seductions of all types, not just sexual, make them tick.)

The inventory list is organized by Sections and within the section by author. To find out more about a particular book you could copy the ISBN number and do an internet search. Nearly all of them are referenced online – you can compare prices too and you’ll find that Bill & Rosa’s prices either meet or are under those you’ll find online (and you won’t pay for delivery/shipping). Also our deliveries are generally made by cargo bike, so they are ecological.

The sections are :

Youth – in both English and French including LINK

  • Activities
  • BD
  • Children
  • Harry Potter
  • Teens

Literature, novels, Thrillers in English LINK

Livres français – Littérature et documentaire LINK

Non-Fiction – English including LINK

  • Art, Music, Civilization
  • Bande-dessinée – mostly in French
  • Bilingual Books
  • Biography
  • Cats
  • Cookbooks
  • History
  • Humor
  • Language & Reference
  • Paris & France – Fiction, memoirs, guides
  • Poetry
  • Travel

In general our Books are 80% in English, 20% French. We even have some in Norweigian, so if you speak Norweigian let us know! Most books are used, but some are brand new. Most used books are in good to very good condition. (You are going to have to trust us on the condition as we can’t photograph each one.)

We hope you’ll help us out and Click and Collect from your local shop!

Click and Collect

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