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Avoir les portugaises ensablées

In making this Speak Easy puzzle I very much enjoyed learning the origin of “Avoir les portugaises ensablées” via the wonderful website Expressio. ...

Spring Speak Easy

I have a “spring in my step” and want to do a Speak Easy! Answers – Réponses: 1l; 2o; 3b; 4e; 5u; 6n; 7j; 8p; 9r; 10q; 11m; 12d; 13h; ...

Speak Easy Puzzle of “faux amis”

There’s just a few copies left of the Speak Easy Book of 68 puzzles. Order yours today.

Favorite expressions… on stamps

Hey French language fans… La Poste has just come out with a set of 12 stamps illustrating French idiomatic expressions. The theme is animals… Un ...
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