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Speak Easy Puzzle of Idiomatic expressions: To hit your Stride

Here’s a Speak Easy Puzzle with terms that refer to mobility: creep, slither, romp… have fun and hope you make “great strides” ...

Speak Easy

Time to do a Speak Easy puzzle! The Speak Easy Puzzle is available in a collection of 68 puzzles, order on Boutique FUSAC

Speak Easy Say Fromage

Say Fromage ! Match the French phrase or expression with the English. As long as 7,000 years ago, cheese was being made in northern Europe — albeit in ...

Learn French! Speak Easy puzzle: Grin and bear it!

Speak Easy puzzle: Grin and bear it! Learn French! Enjoy this Speak Easy puzzle of expressions in English with the words BEAR in them. The word Bear refers ...
Speak Easy

Water in Paris Part 7: Speak Easy

Water in Paris Part 7: Speak Easy Concluding our series of articles on water in Paris here is a Speak Easy of idiomatic expressions using water. Match ...
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