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Driving in France

Driving in France: what you need to know

Driving in France: what you need to know This article covers driving in France: paperwork, insurance, and how to obtain it. Buying a car. In case of accident. ...
Paris metro

Metro-ci, Metro-là, the Paris Metro can be fun!

You know you’re becoming Parisian when taking the Paris Metro does not sound like fun. For Parisians it is synonymous with métro, boulot dodo and ...
rayon jaune

Darkness is coming – Bicycle visibility

Darkness is coming – Bicycle visibility (for joggers too)! When daylight savings time ends and you have daylight from only 8 am to 4 pm there’s ...
Moving to Paris

Moving to Paris made easy

Moving to Paris So you are moving to the city of love! Good news! However, Paris and the French organisation in general can be painful for the unprepared. ...
French Education

A tongue-in-cheek look at the French Education System

If you have children in France, there’s a good chance that you might possess at least the stirrings of the beginnings of a stab at understanding it. Then ...
Paris Metro

The Paris Metro in 26 Easy Letters

THE PARIS METRO IN 26 EASY LETTERS Accessibility: You’ve probably noticed that when the printed coordinates of a Parisian place of interest are given ...
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