Top 10 foods missed most by British expats by British Corner Shop

Ah comfort food! Below you’ll find the Top 10 foods missed most by British expats over the last twelve months as per the British Corner Shop. 

British Corner Shop have been the leading online supermarket for British expats and food lovers around the world for almost 20 years, so they know that despite the excitement of embracing new cuisines when you move abroad – it’s hard not to miss some of those nostalgic British home comforts from time to time. Whether that’s a chocolately bourbon biscuit dunked into a cup of Tetley’s, or some buttery crumpets topped with strawberry jam – substitutes found locally just don’t cut the bacon. So, if your taste buds are tingling at the thought of some of your favourite tastes of home, check out the British Corner Shop website – they guarantee you and your stomach won’t regret it! Use code BCSFUSACB at checkout before the 30th September to get £15 off your 1st order over £75.


Top of the list and claiming first prize are the much-loved breakfast crumpets from Warburtons. Served straight out the toaster with real butter and a generous helping of seeded jam or runny honey – these quintessentially pocket-holed bakes will live forever in British foodie hearts.British Corner Shop2. HEINZ BAKED BEANS

Aside from being a store cupboard essential for most young students, Heinz Baked Beans remain a favourite among Brit food-lovers of all ages. Whether they serve as an addition to your full English, or the main centre-piece on your jacket potato – this cheap and cheerful staple continues to prevail with expats near and far. Long live baked beans!British Corner Shop


The Sunday roast is one of the nation’s best loved meals, so it’s no surprise that these Bisto Gravy Granules came third on the list. Whether you like yours drizzled on top of crunchy roasted potatoes, or blanketing your Beef – no roast would be the same without this British classic.

British Corner Shop


Young in age or young at heart, these Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs are a firm-favourite with British audiences. With their distinct milk and white chocolate shell, and complimentary toy gift – this sentimental sweet treat is our countries jovial guilty pleasure.

British Corner Shop


In the bleak winter months, there’s nothing we Brits love more than coming home to a warming bowl of soup at the end of the day – and this Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup hits just the spot. Thick in consistency and rich in flavour, this comforting kitchen favourite provides a satisfying lunch or dinner option for all palettes to enjoy. We like to team ours with thick toasted, buttery soldiers (no, this never gets old).British Corner Shop


Whether it’s the distinct savoury taste, or the ease of preparation – Brits just can’t get enough of this Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix from PAXO. Simply add water to the powdered mixture, roll into balls, bake and revel in uncomplicated Sunday Roast ease.British Corner Shop


Number 7 on the list is the classic picnic-pleaser, Branston Pickle. Best known for its full proof pairing with Cheddar cheese and thick-cut wholegrain bread, this sweet and tangy sandwich filling is a recognizable flavour loved by the nation. Available in big or small chunks for your crunch preferences. British Corner Shop


Cadbury have produced some fine chocolate in their time, but their infamous Creme Eggs have proven a favoured choice amongst us Brits for over fifty years. Popular for their hard milk chocolate exterior and gooey fondant filling, it’s no wonder these are the best-selling confectionery item between New Year’s Day and Easter. Note: To avoid sudden craving disappointment, best to stock up in advance for the latter part of the year.British Corner Shop


Since launching back in the early 1900’s, OXO’s Beef Stock Cubes have remained a reliable pantry essential for an array of kitchen creations. We Brits adore these individually wrapped cubes for making tasty stocks and fragrant dish enhancements. British Corner Shop


Last, but by no means least are a cult-classic among British biscuit lovers. For those that like it hot, these fiery McVities Ginger Nuts provide the perfect accompaniment to day-time tea dunking- WARNING: Eat with caution, they are incredibly moreish.British Corner Shop

British Corner Shop – the key to all your favourites no matter where or when you have the craving! Use code BCSFUSACB at checkout before the 30th September to get £15 off your 1st order over £75.

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