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2 Responses to "International Bookstores in Paris"

  1. What a good idea! I’ll post further addresses and comments.
    Please note that Jousseaume is located near lovely Catherine André’s fashion shop and is composed of two shops opposite each other. My own selection, composed over 65 years is sadly declining when closures are not compensated by equivalent openings.
    Bruno Sépulchre , 7 rue Cassette 6e near Saint-Sulpice and Eglise Saint-Germain des Prés offers a wide variety of miscellanea from a tiny and lovely shop in which you can browse. Often at Drouot, opens late from 5 p.m. . Fantastic catalogues including collector’s items such as old prints, old cups, historic mazes, assiettes parlantes circa 1850, games and much more. Note: this is a bookshop, not a library. It may take you time to find your white elephant. Bruno may give you a general indication about where to find it. You have been warned.

    Oh yes Shakespeare and co. I still remember when Sylvia (named of course after Sylvia Beach, runner of the original shop rue de l’Odéon) who had taken over the shop from her father,staged a magic party to celebrate his passing,. An open ball on the pavement just in front of Notre-Dame with free champagne for all that extended very late at night. A great idea and an event I will always remember.


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