Books for the holidays

Books for the holidays

The holiday season is coming and you’re not really sure what to get for your family and friends? What could be more perfect this Christmas than curling up in a comfy chair with a good book and nice cup of tea or coffee? At Bill & Rosa’s Book Room, we have an amazing selection of books for the holidays to suit all tastes!

  • The books are gently used which means you can check « ecological » off your list too.
  • Prices are from 2-13€
  • We offer Click and Collect and delivery.
  • We offer upcycled and reuseable cloth gift bags for 4 euros each – please ask

Here are some of our suggestions for your Christmas shopping list:

Grandma— if she enjoys a well-written book with a good plot (and who doesn’t?), how about offering her an edition of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See (2 euros)? This is a captivating book about the lifelong friendship between two women in nineteenth-century China, a book that teaches about customs from long ago and far away (check out other books by the same author at the Book Room here).

Books for the holidays

Your cat-obsessed friend— At Bill & Rosa’s Book Room, we know who really rule the world and we have a whole shelf about the furry critters, everything from the whimsical Le Guide des Chats du Vieil Opossum by T.S. Eliot and illustrated by Axel Scheffler (12 euros) and Mystic Cats, A Celebration of Cat Magic and Feline Charm by Roni Jay (4 euros) to the more down-to-earth The Complete Cat by Anna Sproule (4 euros). See our selection of cat books and other non-fiction here.

For the Paris lover in your family— How about offering them an edition of Paris, Boutiques du Temps Passé, by Pierre Paul Darrigo (8 euros)? This beautiful picture book with images of Parisian storefronts from the 60s is a delightful and melancholy trip to the past. You can check out our selection of books on Paris and France here.

Grandpa— you can satisfy your grandpa’s abiding interest in history with A Spy’s Wife, by Janice Cowan (5 euros), a fascinating account of life in Moscow during the last days of the Soviet Union. This page-turner, told from the point of view of the wife of a Canadian military attaché trained in a spy school in Canada offers a unique view of spycraft in the nineties.

We have many books for history buffs, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, by Blanche Wiesen-Cook (4 euros), A Cartoon History of United States Foreign Policy, by the Foreign Policy Association (5 euros) or Between Two Worlds: How the English Became Americans by Malcolm Gaskill (5 euros). There are also many other non-fiction books, on a broad range of topics, check them out here.

Books for the holidays

Mom— if your mom is a big fan of mystery novels, then hesitate no more! At Bill& Rosa’s Book Room we have mystery novels and thrillers for all tastes! How about a classic by Agatha Christie, The ABC Murders (3 euros)? Or the recently released Closed Casket, by Sophie Hannah (6 euros), the first author to be vetted by the Agatha Christie Estate to continue the adventures of beloved detective Poirot? The Book Room also carries a wide selection of novels by John Grisham, Dan Brown, Patricia Cornwell, John Le Carré, Stephen King, to mention just a few… Check them out here.

Books for the holidays

Dad— if your dad is always excited about the latest scientific discoveries and spends hours reading related articles and books (then tells you all about them), he might be interested in The Art of Science, A Natural History of Ideas, by Richard Hamblyn (4 euros), a fascinating anthology of scientific ideas (rendered easily understandable by the greater public) and their cultural and historical context. Other classic reads are A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking (4 euros) or The First Chimpanzee, In Search of Human Origins by John Gribbin (5 euros). Check them out here.

Books for the holidays

Kids– at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room, we have books for the holidays for the little ones in French, English and even in both languages! If you’re looking for a nice, funny and supremely cute book to read with your child, look no more, get The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson (3 euros), a funny, clever and colorful story in rhyme, perfect for bedtime! You might also be interested in the adventures of Dodsworth in Paris, by Tim Egan (4 euros), George the Pavilion Cat, by Judy Pennington (2 euros), the beautifully illustrated story of George, the cat who one day walked in the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and became the palace cat. Older kids may be interested in our selection of Roald Dahl titles (check those out here). The more science- savvy may like Thomas A. Edison, Young Inventor, by Sue Guthridge (3 euros) or Jacques Cousteau, Man of the Oceans, by Carol Greene (2 euros). We have a great selection of books for teens as well, both in English and French, such as the timeless Harry Potter collection. Check out our books for children and teens here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Book Room and helping you find the perfect books for the holidays! We’re open 5 days a week for December, here’s our current hours. Or send an email for Click and Collect or delivery depending on where you are.

Article and selection by Iasmina Iordache Clark

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