A Bon Speak Easy is a good Speak Easy

A Bon Speak Easy

Why make a bon Speak Easy? One of the most used words in French must be bon. It is used is wish everyone a good day, week, weekend, trip and more. It also has a negative meaning at times. This puzzle includes as many bon phrases as we could find while not repeating the ones we all know from the get go such as bonjour, bon anniversaire, bonbon. I once heard a server in a restaurant wish someone a bon début de fin de soirée. And just yesterday was reminded of another good “bon” phrase when an exasperated mother said “bon sang!” to her kids. Post your translation of bon sang in the comments below this article. The best translation will win a copy of Volume 3 of the Speak Easy Puzzles book (contest ends 05/07/15).

Bon Speak Easy

Speak EasyThis puzzle is included in the new Speak Easy book. Volume 3 is now available with fifty new puzzles to challenge your French and English. Copies may be purchased at the FUSAC Boutique. Bons jeux!

Bon Speak Easy

Seen in the Paris tramway…

And did you know that “you don’t say bonjour in the evening – you say bonsoir! (and that you can say it beginning at about 15h)”? — 90+ Ways You Know You’re Becoming French

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2 Responses to "A Bon Speak Easy is a good Speak Easy"

  1. Shari Leslie Segall dit :

    This is a GREAT one–très, très, très bon!!!

  2. Séverine dit :

    You can translate by “good grief !”.
    In French it’s a way of saying “shit”, but it’s more polite.
    We often use it when the children irritate us : “mais bon sang tu vas arrêter !!!”

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