A pebble for Clare Gass

A pebble for Clare Gass

FUSAC would like to share with you this humanitarian story of a Canadian nurse from the last century published by the blog Parisian Fields who posts thoughtful and very interesting posts once a month. Parisian Fields is the blog of two Toronto writers who love Paris. They are interested in everything from Paris history and architecture to its graffiti and street furniture. 

Their post about Clare Gass talks about a girl from Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia born in 1887. She found her calling in nursing. She enlisted in the military and was deployed in France during World War I, then she nursed victims of the Spanish flu at a segregation hospital in Wales, then returned to Canada to work first in a military convalescent hospital in Quebec, then in social services in Montreal. Parisian Fields gives Clare Gass a well earned hommage.

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