Interview with Chloé Fournier, founder of Welkeys


Today’s interview is with Chloé Fournier who founded the company Welkeys at 28 in March 2015. Welkeys is the 1st marketplace connecting property owners and fully-vetted concierges dedicated to short term rentals. Chloé previously worked as a digital project manager abroad for the well known advertising group WPP (Ogilvy, Young&Rubicam…). Today, Welkeys is a team of 6 full time happy people serving property owners in more than 150 French cities and connecting them with the best concierges in France to manage rental listings, check-ins and check-outs, and full housekeeping.

Hi Chloé, Where are you from ?
Bonjour! I was born in France and I grew up in Fontainebleau

What was your first job in France? Digital project manager

What languages do you speak ? French, English, Portuguese, a bit of German

When, where and how did you find your first FUSAC?
I found out about FUSAC last year while searching for ways to advertise my business on the internet. 

How did you become an entrepreneur?
I always wanted to create something on my own, and be my own boss. Airbnb was booming in France and Paris, but there were no affordable “à la carte” solution to help property owners manage their rentals. So I created Welkeys as the solution.

What is the most satisfying thing about being a CEO ?
Being free to organize your time, meet amazing people every day, training young people and help them become a better person.

What is the oddest request a client or concierge has made?
A property owner asked us to take care of his two rats in the apartment while he was away.   One of our concierges actually did it !

What do you parents do ? My mother has her own travel agency, my father is a tech teacher

Sisters or brothers? 5 (half) brothers, I am the eldest 


Place des Vosges Photo by Paris flâneries Yves Aouat – https://www.facebook.com/ParisFlaneriesPhotos

What is your chief characteristic ? Perserverence

What proves you are French ? Good taste (I guess 🙂 ) 

Your main fault ? or worst habit ?
Going too fast on doing things, sometimes, I would need to analyze more before doing

Your favorite occupation other than work? Travel

Your motto : Never give up

Favorite patisserie? Chocolate fondant

Favorite comfort food? Pasta

Favorite drink? Ricard

Favorite quote? We will sleep when we’re dead, not before. 

Favorite movie? Coup de foudre à Notting Hill (in English : Notting Hill) 

Favorite places to eat in Paris?
Marlon (75007), L’Affable (75007), Bambou (75002)

In which Parisian monument would you like to be locked in for the night ? with whom? I would choose Le Louvre with Ryan Gosling! 

What is your favorite bridge in Paris? Pont de la monnaie

WelkeysWhat are you currently reading? “La voie du pirate”, Biography of Xavier Niel (owner of Free Mobile) 

A female icon? Michelle Obama

A good reason to like Americans ? They are always in a good mood and enthusiastic

What are you most proud of ? My company

What do you do to evacuate your stress? Running

What is your favorite gift to give? Vacations / holidays

Vacation rhymes with… Sun

You don’t leave home without… My running shoes

What is your best vacation memory? Bali

A one-to-one conversation with a person from history : Marie Antoinette

If you were to send a postcard from Paris what image would you choose?
Place des Vosges

Who incarnates the United States? Barack Obama

Who incarnates France? Emmanuel Macron

How do you use the social networks Twitter, FacebookI use it mostly for news and professional posts

What is the first thing you do in the morning? I listen to BFM Business


  • Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
  • Your dream vacation spot?  LA
  • Book or movie? Book
  • Favorite author? Hemingway
  • Romance or comedy? Comedy
  • Night owl or morning person? Morning person

What is your agenda for tomorrow? Running/spending time with boyfriend/ checking emails (quickly)/ brunch/shopping/family time with brothers and parents ==> It’s Saturday 🙂

Chloé Fournier, Founder of Welkeys 


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