10 Reasons to become a Baby-Speaker with Speaking-Agency

10 Reasons to become a Baby-Speaker with Speaking-Agency

10 Reasons to become a Baby-Speaker with Speaking-Agency

Speaking-Agency are the leaders in bilingual babysitting and employ hundreds of ‘Baby-Speakers’ and teachers each month in Paris and major cities in France. As ‘La Rentrée’ approaches, Speaking-Agency have 778 rewarding and flexible part-time jobs on offer. Apply now and give French children the power of language!

Here’s 10 reasons why you should become a Baby-Speaker:

  1. Give children the power of language!

For many of our Baby-Speakers, the very best aspect of becoming a babysitter is seeing a child learn and grow as they take in the new target language.


  1. Experience French family life first-hand.

There’s no better way to feel like a true Frenchy than stepping behind the scenes of a French family: their daily routine, where they like to go, what they eat…

  1. It’s flexible!

With hundreds of jobs to choose from across France, we can always find a role that fits our Baby-Speakers. Being a fantastic babysitter doesn’t have to stop your daily life!

  1. Boost your CV

Babysitting is a fantastic way to boost your CV! Not only does our system provide evidence of an ability to teach, but it demonstrates that you are a kind and compassionate person too.

  1. Join a community of 2500 foreigners

Speaking-Agency works with thousands of foreigners in France. With specially created social media groups and events, becoming a Baby-Speaker is so much more than a job.

  1. Take part in free Wine & Cheese evenings, Halloween parties and much more…

Each year we host our famed Wine & Cheese evenings (très français bien-sûr) as well as other events, such as a Halloween party to allow you to meet fellow Baby-Speakers.


  1. Free French Classes

For many foreign speakers arriving in France, learning French is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Our free French classes help our Baby-Speakers to get the most from their time here.

  1. A dedicated HR advisor

Through every step of the application process, you will be assigned a dedicated HR advisor to find you the perfect family match.

  1. Assistance with French administration

Your advisor is there to help you with whatever they can through the application process and with events such as Life Start Paris, you can meet partners in industries such as banking, accommodation and insurance!

  1. Free Velib’ pass & reductions

Biking is a fantastic way to get around Paris. Beat the Metro rush, see the sites above ground and, with Speaking-Agency, do it for free! What’s more, we have plenty other discounts from our partners that you can benefit from.

Ready to join an international community of baby-speakers? To apply, simply take 2 minutes to fill in this form here! No CV required

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