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The Basilica in Albert
1916 / 2014

Get out of Town: La Somme

The Somme department in the region of Picardy just two hours north of Paris, is not on the usual tourist circuit, but nevertheless has a ton of places ...

The War to End all Wars, The Great War, La Der des Ders*

This is 2014, one hundred years after the beginning of World War I (and 70 years after the end of WWII). I realized how little I knew about this war that ...

Understanding the Municipal Elections in France

  First: what is a Municipality? In France a municipality is referred to as a « commune ». The French word commune appeared in the 12th century, ...

The Voyage of the Obelisk : Luxor / Paris (1829-1836)

I am sure you all know the Obelisk on the beautiful Place de La Concorde. It is a must see in Paris. There is currently a great exhibition telling you ...

FFFFFF. F to the sixth power.

FFFFFF. F to the sixth power. The six Fs. Fascinating, Fun Facts and Figures about France and French. They come in handy more often than you’d think: ...
Catacombs of Paris by Tim Albany

Poem: The Catacombs

Originating 45 million years ago Below the earth’s surface Lies “Lutetian” limestone. Imagine Parisians in the 13th Century Using chisels and ...
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