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Free FUSAC Annual Guide

FUSAC annual guide 2016-2017 In the just published FUSAC annual guide to English-speaking Paris you’ll find: English-speaking resources and contacts Jobs ...
Alex Kanevsky, Homer, huile sur toile, 167x167 cm © Courtesy Galerie Guido Romero Pierini - Lei Dinéty

Exhibition ‘Uncatchable’ – Dérive de l’esprit

EXHIBITION UNCATCHABLE Dérive de l’esprit For its next exhibition, the Guido Romero Pierini – Lei Dinety Gallery presents two American immigrant ...

The Velvet Underground – Philharmonie Paris

With The Velvet Underground – New York Extravaganza, dive into an immersive, impressionistic and multimedia exhibition told by the eye-witnesses ...

Touched by the cold – Michel Rawicki Exhibition

Touched by the cold An Exhibition of 80 photographs by Michel Rawicki Displayed on the fencing around the Luxembourg Garden -­‐ French Senate Exhibition until ...
dutch in paris

Three Dutch exhibitions in Paris

Three Dutch exhibitions in Paris 1. En route ! or At Home and Abroad, Dutch Landscape Drawings The Custodia Foundation, which is a haven of quiet with ...
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