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Ecole Perceval: Open House

Ecole Perceval in Chatou Discover the world of Steiner-Waldorf education during our open house on March 7th. Steiner-Waldorf education at Ecole Perceval ...

Private Recruitment Agency: C and L

C and L Private Recruitment Agency C&L Private Recruitment Agency is based in London; we are specialist in placement of proficient household and corporate ...

Meet AUP’s Graduate Programs

Meet AUP’s Graduate Programs February 10th, 6-8pm 6, rue de Colonel Combes Room C102 RSVP: The ...

Smoke detector countdown

We have had a smoke detector in our suburban Paris home for many years – it seems “normal” to me, but I realized how unusual its actually was when ...
Driving in France

Driving in France

DRIVER’S LICENSE: Generally speaking (because there are of course exceptions) if you are in France for over a year and aren’t European, French ...

New bilingual education 6th grade class

Looking for bilingual education? A new French/English bilingual and bicultural 1st year of secondary school (6th grade / year 7) class is opening in Paris ...
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