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Lalangue Paris French school, meet the founder

Lalangue Paris French school, meet the founder Sandrine Durand is a French teacher and the founder of Lalangue Paris, a French school located in the Marais, ...

Gagnez des tickets pour Les Franglaises !

Rappel historique des faits. Les Franglaises, le spectacle, propose de traduire – façon « Google Trad » ou presque – les plus grands succès ...
Speak Easy

Speak Easy: Siamese Twins

Speak Easy: Siamese Twins All the English words in this Speak Easy puzzle are «Siamese Twins» or «Irreversible Binomials», in other words a pair or ...

Hints and Hindsights: Traveling words

Of course, it’s not only people and their customs that cross borders. Some of the most stalwart and adventurous travelers are words! At times they sneak ...
Speak Easy

Sh… A Speak Easy puzzle of expressions

« Sh! » in English, but « chut! » in French. Expressions certainly do not simply translate from one language ...
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