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The War to End all Wars, The Great War, La Der des Ders*

This is 2014, one hundred years after the beginning of World War I (and 70 years after the end of WWII). I realized how little I knew about this war that ...

Banking Glossary of French-English terms

What is the origin of the word « bank »? It goes back to Italian. In Medieval Italy a moneylander set up a bench in the town square ...

Speak Easy Puzzle of « faux amis »

There’s just a few copies left of the Speak Easy Book of 68 puzzles. Order yours today.


Ever since the anthropologist Franz Boas said “language is the window on the soul,” linguists have been debating just what kind of soul he meant: Literal?  ...

Vers des nouveaux clous?

Even before World War II in France, pedestrian crosswalks existed. They consisted of two white or yellow stripes, or two rows of «nails». The «nails» ...

Comprendre la Presse Anglo-saxonne, 10 exemplaires offerts

Editions Harrap’s offre 10 exemplaires au lecteurs de FUSAC. Comprendre la Presse Anglo-Saxonne est un dictionnaire idéal pour tous ceux qui souhaitent ...
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