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Make your own Thanksgiving Dinner

November is a busy month at Thanksgiving! We receive deliveries nearly daily— everything from Libby’s Pumpkin, Pepperidge Farm and Stove Top Stuffings, ...

How do I meet people in Paris ?

Now that I am in Paris how do I meet people? is a question that is frequently asked. There are many possibilities according to your particular interest.Here  ...
eagle strike

Gagner un roman graphique !

Envie de lire un roman graphique en ANGLAIS? Dorénavant, c’est possible grâce à Harrap’s. Après le succès de la collection « Yes ...
From Los Alamos Folio 5,MEM, 71/74 
© William Eggleston / Courtesy Wilson Centre for Photography

William Eggleston – From black and white to color

William Eggleston – From black and white to color September 9th – December 21st 2014 I had to face the fact that what I had to do was go out ...

Tiger Lillies do Piaf

The Tiger Lillies Songs from the Gutter Samedi 27 septembre à 20h30 Dimanche 28 septembre à 16h30 Maison de la musique de Nanterre 8, rue des Anciennes-Mairies 92000 ...

Workshop « S’installer à Paris » – BPI

Just arrived in Paris and need help ? Of course FUSAC is here to help ! But you also have the opportunity to join a worshop at the library – inside ...
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