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Music in Paris – Open mic

Paris is a great city for musicians and music lovers. There are plenty of bars and venues where you can play or listen to music for free or just for a ...

Get Out of Town to the Ile des Impressionnistes

Meandering along the Seine meanders: A walk from St Germain-en-Laye to Chatou Ile des Impresisonnistes, 2½ hour walk one way This walk is lovely at any ...
Paris Canals

Water in Paris, Part 5: The Paris Canals

Water in Paris Part 5: The Paris Canals The city of Paris is the proprietor of and responsible for a fluvial network of 130km of canals which cross 5 departments ...

Sports in France

Hints for Newcomers – Hindsights for Old-Timers: Sports in France by Shari Leslie Segall When your spouse was offered a high-paid, top-executive position ...
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