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Blanchisseuse devant sa boutique, Paris, France
Collection Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne, Paris
Achat en 2013
©Centre Pompidou/Dist. RMN-GP
©Louis Stettner

Louis STETTNER – Here and There – Centre Pompidou

Louis STETTNER – HERE AND THERE The Centre Pompidou is devoting a retrospective to the photographer Louis Stettner with a hundred-odd works, paying ...
Adaptation to France

Hints and Hindsights: Us vs Them

Hints for Newcomers – Hindsights for Old-Timers French Anglo cultural differences Us vs Them by Shari Leslie Segall You’ve heard of speed-dating. You’ve ...

La Marseillaise

Following France’s declaration of war on Austria and Prussia, the mayor of Strasbourg, Baron de Dietrich, asked army engineer Claude-Joseph Rouget de ...

How to get to the Paris airports ?

How to get to the Paris airports ? Going away is always fun ! However, going to the Paris airports can be a lot less fun … It’s always difficult to ...

UpDELI, le meilleur petit déjeuner livré à Paris !

UpDELI recommandé par FUSAC Vous avez toujours rêvé de vous faire livrer un excellent petit déjeuner digne d’un grand hôtel au bureau ou chez ...
British Musicians in Paris

British musicians in Paris

The future of British music in Paris In French the term is graine de star in English you’d say future stars or maybe budding or upcoming. In any ...
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