House-Chill-imgThrough travels, you discover new places and different ways of life. While being on a leisure or professional trip, an important part of your budget is dedicated to a hotel room. How comfortable and luxurious your selection may be, it will remain as impersonal and similar to any other hotel in the world.

Using HouseChill will give your travel another dimension. By choosing an accommodation amongst our wide selection, you will save money and above all, your travel will be much more authentic and intimate.

Make yourself at home! No schedule for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Feel free to enjoy the kitchen as you wish. Come and go, feel free and get to know your floor-neighbours eventually! Simply live as if you had always been part of the neighbourhood.

Revolutionize the way you travel and choose the conviviality of feeling at home everywhere at competitive prices.

We also invite you to post your accommodation on Housechill.com to find guests. Earn money while offering an authentic stay to your guest. Make your home a business.

HouseChill is not only the publication of properties. HouseChill offers an access to personalized services such as a 24/7 hotline, advices for use and a simplified user account to serve your expectations.

HouseChill.com helps you find the short rental that suits you around the world.

Whether you are a traveller or a renter, HouseChill is for you!

Choose your space


  • Choose Your Destination & Find a Place to Stay
  • Check for Availability and Book Your Accommodation
  • Receive Your Confirmation
  • Leave a Review


  • Create Your Listing
  • Show Your Property at Its Best
  • Receive Booking Requests
    Welcome Your Guests
    Receive Your Payment
    Leave a Review

Visit us: www.housechill.com
Contact us: contact@housechill.com
FRANCE +33 1 77 48 88 42
INTERNATIONAL +1 213 784 09 35

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  1. Marc Solomon dit :

    HouseChill is a brand new short term rental website that i have had the privilege to try when they launched. It was a great experience. Their customer service was on point! I recommend HouseChill.

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