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Speak Easy Puzzle of « faux amis »

There’s just a few copies left of the Speak Easy Book of 68 puzzles. Order yours today.

La Marseillaise

Following France’s declaration of war on Austria and Prussia, the mayor of Strasbourg, Baron de Dietrich, asked army engineer Claude-Joseph Rouget de ...

Favorite expressions… on stamps

Hey French language fans… La Poste has just come out with a set of 12 stamps illustrating French idiomatic expressions. The theme is animals… Un ...

Speak Easy Puzzles

Here’s a new Speak Easy with terms that refer to mobility: creep, slither, romp… have fun and hope you make « great strides » ...

Speak Easy Say Fromage

Match the French phrase or expression with the English. As long as 7,000 years ago, cheese was being made in northern Europe — albeit in a simple and ...
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