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Smoke detector countdown

We have had a smoke detector in our suburban Paris home for many years – it seems “normal” to me, but I realized how unusual its actually was when ...

Banking Glossary of French-English terms

Here is a set of the most commons terms used in banking/finance in France along with their English equivalents. Actions : Shares ADI (Assurance Décès ...
French Driver's Licenses are pink!

Driving in France

DRIVER’S LICENSE: Generally speaking (because there are of course exceptions) if you are in France for over a year and aren’t European, French ...

Logistics of writing a letter in French

In high school French class you learned how to conjugate the obscure pluperfect-subjunctive. In college you memorized the name of every Gallic king going ...
Europa watermark
© Banque centrale européenne

New 5 Euro notes

5 Euro notes have always been floppy and very worn, rather like dishrags. They are rather scarce too. Maybe that will all change with the introduction ...

Break in?!

Was your apartment or vehicle broken into? Your bag or car stolen? Tagged with graffitti? We certainly hope not, but sometimes it is necessary to make ...
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