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Paris flood 2016

Water in Paris – part 8: Current events – the flood

« Current » Events never was a more appropriate term. Here are a few photos from past years juxatposed with photos from the last ...
Alex Kanevsky, Homer, huile sur toile, 167x167 cm © Courtesy Galerie Guido Romero Pierini - Lei Dinéty

Exhibition ‘Uncatchable’ – Dérive de l’esprit

EXHIBITION UNCATCHABLE Dérive de l’esprit For its next exhibition, the Guido Romero Pierini – Lei Dinety Gallery presents two American immigrant ...
A fountain on Boulevard Saitn Michel, 1961

Water in Paris, part 6: Tidbits

Water in Paris, Part 6: Tidbits Continuing our series of  articles on water in Paris here we present a list of odds and ends or tidbits about and around ...
Paris Marathon

Paris Marathon

Curse you, Edward VII! Legend has it that 2505 years ago (490 BCE) the Greek soldier Phidippides ran to Athens from Marathon to announce victory in the ...

Touched by the cold – Michel Rawicki Exhibition

Touched by the cold An Exhibition of 80 photographs by Michel Rawicki Displayed on the fencing around the Luxembourg Garden -­‐ French Senate Exhibition until ...
dutch in paris

Three Dutch exhibitions in Paris

Three Dutch exhibitions in Paris 1. En route ! or At Home and Abroad, Dutch Landscape Drawings The Custodia Foundation, which is a haven of quiet with ...
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