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Left: Winston Churchill aged 7 in 1881 © Curtis Brown
Right: Charles de Gaulle aged 7 in 1897 © Archives de Gaulle, Paris, France / Bridgeman Images

Churchill and de Gaulle

Churchill and de Gaulle (today is the anniversary of the Appel du 18 juin 1940 – the radio broadcast of Charles de Gaulle from London to incite the ...
tudors 1

« The Tudors » exhibition – Musée du Luxembourg

Of all the dynasties that have succeeded one another on the English throne, the Tudors, who reigned between 1485 and 1603, are certainly one of the most ...
Alberto Giacometti for Elsa Schiaparelli, gilt bronze,
early 1930s , photo Jean Tholance

Unbutton the fashion world – Déboutonner la mode

Unbutton the fashion world – Déboutonner la mode Where in the world could you imagine seeing an exhibition consecrated to buttons? An exhibition ...

American Icons – Grand Palais

American Icons This exhibition presents 49 emblematic works taken from one of the world’s largest collections of art from the second half of the twentieth ...

Are You Becoming French?

Are You Becoming French? The French say that foreigners can never truly “become” French – no matter what legal status is inscribed upon what ...

Paris Marathon

Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2014 – 06/04/2014 – Départ du Marathon de Paris © ASO/M.MAINDRU The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is ...
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