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Elections France United States

Elections here and there

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past half year (a cave without an Internet connection), you know that American (8 November 2016) and French ...

Book corner

BOOK CORNER Every Thursday, we recommend 3 books we loved in either French or English. Here is the selection for the week of October 20th : L’eau ...
Speak Easy FUSAC

Speak Easy Puzzle: To hit your Stride

Here’s a Speak Easy with terms that refer to mobility: creep, slither, romp… have fun and hope you make « great strides » ...

FUSAC in the press – By Inspirelle

FUSAC Packs 28 Years of Paris Know How into Books for Expats For years, newcomers to Paris have known that the acronym FUSAC is one of the first words ...
Paris apartment

Furnishing your Paris apartment

Ikea is practical, intelligent, not too expensive and usually looks good. It is not a bad way to furnish your Paris apartment. But you do have to first ...
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